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Well done on the aluminum railing fence job and thank you for closing up the permit ticket, for us.

Nir Levine
Pembroke Pine, FL

Water Damage Removal

If your home or business has flooded, time is of the essence. The more time you wait before restoring your carpets and flooring, the greater your chances of developing a mold issue to deal with that could present a whole new list of problems and make clean up much more expensive. Carpets are just like sponges, soaking up water from a sprinkler, toilet or pipe that is leaking and making an ideal breeding ground for mold to take over on your property. Action 1 Restoration, cleans up and removes excess water to restore your carpets and flooring to like new condition, preventing mold and getting you back to your day to day life.

24 Hour Emergency Water Removal

Action 1 Restoration guarantees a 24/7 emergency response to your flooding emergency. We specialize in water extraction and have top of the line equipment to thoroughly dry and dehumdify your premises. We offer a short response time to get your emergency resolved quickly.